break necks & kill egos.

Bri•on•uh / Bri / Bri-Burg


free spirit wandering ou le vent me por. ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power. i give respect where respect is due. you are made out of comets

and stars. do not surround yourself with those that treat you like

dirt and dust. sun kissed skin, unplanned adventures and meaningful tattoos are my fav. i get overjoyed by the simplest things. im a skeptic/hopeless romantic, which in itself is a huge contradiction. brownies are the way to my heart. im the best at making terrible decisions. i live for psychedelics, messy hair and warm cuddles. im still a dreamer, this world has yet to strip me of that. we are not our failures, things are only as complicated as you make them and tomorrow is never promised.

my face

First shoot 📷

First shoot 📷

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